Opinion of the Scientific Council for Forestry reporting to the Prime Minister of Poland on the dieback of spruce stands in the Białowieża, Browsk, and Hajnówka Forest Districts that comprise the “Białowieża Forest” Promotional Forest Complex (PFC)
Position of the Białowieża Forest World Heritage Site Steering Committee on taking into account the current degradation of stands in the Białowieża Forest resulting from spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus) gradation when formulating the management plan for this public good.
For more than a dozen years now we have been witness to a dispute over the way in which the Białowieża Forest – a natural treasure of the Podlaskie Province, of Poland and of Europe – should be managed and protected.
The Scientific Council of the Institute of Dendrology, Polish Academy of Sciences in Kórnik, wishes to draw attention to the highly damaging attempts to politicise the public debate on the condition and the future both of the entire Białowieża Forest and of its commercial parts, which are managed by the State Forests National Forest Holding (the State Forests).